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                  1. Why Can We Make It

                    Primslab is committed to developing the exposure equipment and light-sensitive chemistry technology.

                    Prismlab has complete intellectual property rights for self-developed MFP technology, which can be up to high speed, high precision and large format size.


                    Prototyping speed: 5-10 times faster than other SLA equipment at home and abroad.

                    Output capability: over 10 times faster of output technology than other SLA equipment at home and abroad.

                    Prototyping precision: 66μm on 400mm

                    Raw material: Self-developed and manufactured 3D printer products and light-sensitive resin

                    About Us

                    Prismlab China Ltd, founded in 2005,is a High-Tech enterprise integrated with optical,mechanical,electrical technology, computer software & hardware and photopolymer materials and further engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-speed rapid prototyping machines based on SLA technology. Its products spread across over 50 countries and regions, winning critical acclaim from users worldwide.

                    Focusing on R&D, manufacturing and further sales of 3D rapid prototyping machines, Prismlab was authorized to be the Council Members of “China Machinery Industry Standardization Technology Association”, “Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association” and “Shanghai Industrial Design Association”, the Sponsor Units of “Asia-Pacific 3D Printing Application Promotion Alliance” and “China Industrial 3D Printing Council” and the Member Unit of “China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance”.

                    Its products passed the CE,obtained “China recognized national testing product quality award”,”US PMA rating first”, etc,and was awarded “Shanghai high-tech enterprises”. and won the “Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award”、”iF Industrie Forum Design”, etc.

                    Almost 40% staff is devoted to R&D work of products.

                    Based on abundant experiences in photo-sensitive technology, mass production, and trans boundary transformation, in 2013, Prismlab developed the patented SLA technology called MFP and further launched Rapid Series 3D printers and corresponding consumables - photopolymer resin. Products have the following characteristics:

                    1. Hourly output Up to 1000 grams, 10 times faster than other SLA system available

                    2. Up to 100μm precision for any parts of 600mm high ;

                    3. Self-developed and produced printers and materials, greatly reducing unit printing costs;

                    4. Patented technologies, breaking patents limitations in foreign markets.

                    On EuroMold Expo 2014, the largest and most professional event for 3D printer, Prismlab became the exclusive participator in industrial field from China due to patents protection, which means equal competitiveness with foreign commercial giants.

                    Matrix exposure system from Prismlab team leads to reduced unit printing costs, and shortened delivery time, making 3D Printing easily accessible to applications and industries which feel sensitive to processing period and printing costs.

                    At present, Prismlab, taking this as the foundation, strives for innovative thinking:

                    1) Use their own advantages in production of 3D printing equipment and consumables, innovate the applications on basis of advanced concept of “Orientation of Applications, Innovation of Materials, Matching Ability of Equipment”

                    2) Utilize the prominent advantages of high printing speed and unit printing costs to enter into customer market, subvert the traditional concept of thinking 3D printing limited to scientific research and testing, focus on markets of medical and portrait models and establish a B-B-C business model.

                    3D printing will eventually change the world, but must change herself before changing the world. Prismlab China Ltd, as a High-Tech enterprise, has made certain achievements in R&D of 3D printing equipment and materials. With close attention of Shanghai municipal leaders at all levels, we believe Prismlab will be able to accelerate innovation, strive to be bigger and stronger, and make its due contribution to change the 3D printing industry.

                    Core Competitiveness

                    Prismlab has gained self-developed technology and over 10 patents for our 3D printer, which can avoid the potential risk of patent infringement, and equally compete with overseas enterprise of 3D printing products.
                    Prismlab remains lower costs for 3D printer and its corresponding light-sensitive resin than 3D printing products of same kind at home and abroad.
                    Prismlab has a professional team engaged in photographic field over ten years.
                    Prismlab has a technical expert working as the vice chairman in National Photographic Machinery Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC107)and the member of China Culture & Office Equipment Association (CCOEA), who will contribute to its standardization of SLA 3D printing products.


                    Product Prototype

                    Creative Design

                    Contribute to creative design
                    Increase the freedom of creative design
                    Make creative design tangible


                    Medical Teaching, Preoperative Discussion, Operation Mimesis


                    Contribute to vividly explain abstract concepts
                    Cultivate students’ practical ability
                    Promote innovation consciousness


                    Realize efficient communication between different design depts.
                    Rapid verify product prototype
                    Serve for the image publicizing for new products before marketing
                    Vividly show new product to customers


                    Rapidly make environmental architectural model at a low cost
                    Vividly present architectural layout
                    Vivid lay-out display for commercial purpose
                    • Christmas and New Year greetings to all friends

                      Best wishes from Prismlab

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                    • Prismlab made surprise appearance in 20th Dongguan DMP and 2018 Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Exposition

                      The first show of new release RP200 and BASF flexible sole material

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                    • Prismlab wins the first direct Investment in Chinese company of BASF

                      Prismlab wins the first direct Investment in Chinese company of BASF

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                    • 3D Print India successfully opened, India's 3D printing market has great potential

                      On June 27, 3D Print India was successfully opened at the NIMHANS Convention and Exhibition Center in India.

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                    • Prismlab Releases RP600 on Zhuhai Show

                      New 3D Printer

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                    • 2015 PHOTO & IMAGING SHANGHAI

                      Prismlab 3D Printer - RP400S & Double-sided machine - GAEA-5603

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