2014 Inside 3D


Date: Nov. 4-5, 2014

Venue: Shanghai Expo Center (No.1333, West Nanjing Rd, Shanghai)

About this Expo:
This Expo has become the largest and most professional event of 3D printing industry worldwide, which has been successively held in USA, Germany, Singapore, etc, in 2013. In 2014, it was held in about ten countries and regions, which about 500 guest speakers and 40,000 have attended in. Mediabistro, with RT Company, has moved into Chinese 3D market in 2014.
Prismlab, as the exclusive 3D printing manufacturer across the world who applied LCD optical device, released the RP400S on this Expo, which raised extensive attention from 3D designers and 3D printing manufacturers.
Prismlab RP400S has received the special attention from the organizer because Prismlab develop a brand-new exposure mode for SLA printer– patented MFP technology, 5-10 times in prototyping speed than printer of same kind, and can achieve 66 μm precisions on 400mm. 
Referring to the corresponding raw material, by means of long-term experience in exposure devices and photosensitive chemistry, Prismlab has developed patented photosensitive resin and provide customized resins (variety in color, hardness, etc)