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                • 2014 EuroMold

                  3D Printing - China Self-Owned Brand Hit EuroMold          Unique Prototyping Highly Appreciated
                  The four-day EuroMold and TurnTec recently ended in Frankfurt. Prismlab, as the exclusive 3D printing manufacturer across the world who applied LCD optical device, released the RP400S on this Expo, which raised extensive attention from 3D designers and 3D printing manufacturers.
                  Although there is an increasing number of domestic enterprise to be entering into 3D printing industry, excessive dependence on raw material import (resin, laser devices, etc), lack of self-innovation rapid prototyping technology, and lack of patents for core technology, lead to a scantly few promising enterprise in this field.
                  EOS, EvisionTec, Stratasys, etc, participated in this best organized, highest-level, and the most professional 3D printing Expo. Restricted by related intellectual property rights, three enterprises from China, including Prismlab, attended this Expo, and only Prismlab launched the industrial SLA 3D printing equipment.
                  Prismlab RP400S has received the special attention from the organizer because Prismlab developed a brand-new exposure mode for SLA printer– patented MFP technology, 5-10 times in prototyping speed than printing products of same kind, and can achieve 66 μm precision on 400mm. 
                  Referring to the corresponding raw materials, by means of long-term experience in exposure devices and photosensitive chemistry, Prismlab has developed patented photosensitive resin and provide customized resins (variety in color, hardness, etc) 
                  Zhang Xinbo, the representative of BITMAP3D Company, which affiliates with Shanghai Graphic Design Information Co,.Ltd, said, Prismlab RP400S represents the competitiveness of China self-owned brand. Most 3D printing manufacturers are small enterprises, and their R&D capabilities, technical content and outputs may be not guaranteed to some extent. Market entering for enterprises which possess self-developed technology will contribute to improve the overall strength of this industry.
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