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    Perfect Presentation for “Dreaming Entrepreneurial Team


    2014-12-29: Dreaming Entrepreneurial Team

    The final round of the 2nd season for Red Star Macalline · Dreaming Entrepreneurial Team was performed on China Business Network and PPTV, which marked the perfect ending of its 2nd season.

    Last week, during the final round, only seven competitors, Dai Fuqi (Rucker Park), Hou Feng (3D printing equipment), Zhou Shurong (bioreactor), Ling Lin (white goat in Chongming Island), Wu Jie (Nienie APP), Xu Ying (handicapped re-employment) and Wu Yiqun (motorcycle ranger) were left to compete for the final promotion. Hou Feng, Ling Lin, and Wu Jie won the last three seats after the fierce competition.

    Best Moments: The World Cup Appears on This Competition

    The yellow World Cup, the top honor of football world, shown by Hou Feng on this stage, confused audience and CBN presenter. It actually was manufactured by Prismlab Rapid Prototyping 3D printer based on LCD, extremely similar in its appearance. Hou Feng gave it to his tutor Li Yu after detailed demonstration.  

    Three Competitors Contend For the Last Seat

    There was only one seat left at this point for the last three equally excellent competitors, Wu Jie, Xu Ying, and Wu Yiqun, with promising projects for these investors. Wu Jie finally stood out since most investment projects of her tutor Qian Xuefeng are the range of internet industry.  

    15 Promoted Competitors:

    Zhang Suyang: Ji Diwen, Yang Linfeng, Yi Yuntian

    Wu Youjian: Jiang Minchen, Liu Qidong, Ling Lin

    Xu Chao: Chen Jie, Cheng Qiqian, Pan Chaoyang

    Li Yu: Sun Li, Chen Yan, Hou Feng

    Qian Xuefeng: Li Lei, Liu Qian, Wu Jie