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                          1. Efforts Achieve the Dream of 3D Printing

                            2015-01-03: Dreaming Entrepreneurial Team

                            2nd business heads for Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing 

                            Hou Feng once worked for a desired enterprise of spaceflight and was chosen to be the senior engineer in consideration of his outstanding performance. It seemed he was moving towards a promising future. However, what he really expected was a fulfilling life full of ups and downs, leading to his demission from this state-owned enterprise and starting to a new undertaking.

                            As for the first try, Hou Feng created the double-sided printing system and established a company with over 120 staff. Unfortunately he failed as the industry declined. With emulative and innovative spirit, he stood up from the failure, founded RP 3D printer since the second half year of 2013, and established Prismlab China Ltd. 


                            From 2D (2D Photo) To 3D (3D Printer)

                            RP 3D Printing- Mr. Hou’s creative project provides solutions for medical treatment and jewelry application. Photographic studio can consequently offer for the bride and bridegroom the 3D wedding photos and statues to memorize their sweet moments.

                            Prismlab is committed to the R&D of exposure devices and photosensitive technology in the long run. Its exposure technology for 2D photo processing is judged to be of the world leading standard, which is both applied for 3D printing (SLA) and 2D photo processing, together with the photosensitive technology. 3D printing is also considered to the overlay of 2D photos. In addition to the 3D printing equipment, Prismlab also provides customers with its corresponding consumable material - resin at a much lower price. 


                            Self-developed 3D printing project breaks intellectual property restriction from 3D printing magnates overseas

                            Self-developed 3D printing technology of independent intellectual property rights helped Hou Feng and his team break the restriction from 3D printing magnate overseas, and attended the EuroMold - the largest and most professional 3D printing Expo, as the exclusive presenter of 3D printing device for industrial application from China. 

                            With great advantages in costs for 3D printer and resin, Prismlab RP 3D printing project developed by Hou Feng’s team greatly lowers the time cost and human cost based on high-precision and high printing speed. Till now Prismlab 3D printer proceeds into small-lot production, receiving positive responses, which fully shows the market potential of RP 3D printer.


                            Breathtaking appearance of “World Cup” attracts all the attention

                            During this competition, “World Cup” produced by Prismlab RD 3D printer attracts all the attention, especially for enthusiastic football fans who will be inclined to possess it. While this “World Cup” is only for Mr. Hou’s tutor – Li Yu as a gift, not for selling.  


                            Persistent Devotion Accelerates 3D Printer into our Daily Life

                            Hou Feng luckily has a professional team for RP 3D printer, with talents from various industries, advanced photosensitive engineers, and also doctors returned from abroad, who never yield to failure and keep moving forward. Through persistent devotion to RD 3D printing industry, we strongly believe such a Prismlab team will bring in the near future regardless of any possible difficulties.  


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