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      2015 TCT Show + Personalize Asia


      Prismlab “RP400S” 3D Printer for Industrial Application Appeared on TCT Show + Personalize Asia



      Exhibition Date 

      12 - 14 March, 2015

      For Professional Visitor

      12 March (Thursday)  09:00 - 17:00

      13 March (Friday)     09:00 - 17:00

      For Public Visitor

      14 March (Saturday)  09:00 - 15:00  

      The Venue

      Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (SHCEC)

      (No. 35 Zhongjiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai)


      On the TCT Show + Personalize Asia held in Shanghai on 12th March, 2015, Prismlab, as the exclusive manufacturer of 3D printer using LCD (optical device) in the world, solemnly launched Prismlab RP400S - the self-developed and patented 3D printer with SLA technology, and was committed to provide customers with 3D printer with higher precision and quality, promote the market demand for high quality of 3D printing in a comprehensive manner, and further solidify its position in the field of the 3D printing devices. 


      Prismlab 3D printer - RP400S launched on TCT 

      Hou Feng, president of Prismlab, attended the new product launch and introduced this new 3D printer. Prismlab RP400S, he said, is one innovative and ground-breaking 3D printing product for industrial application, characterized by its SLA technology, including the following characteristics of 5-10 times faster in prototyping speed, over 10 times larger in hourly output capability than SLA 3D printer of same kind at home and abroad, and achieving 66μm precision on 400mm. In addition to 3D printing device, Prismlab can also offer customers with the self-developed and manufactured resin. Prismlab is inclined to further extend its applications to creative design, jewelry industry, medical industry, education and etc.


      Exquisite models produced by Prismlab RP400S

      On the three-day Expo, Prismlab showed exhibitors the whole printing process of Prismlab RP400S and printed 3D models for various applications at Booth C20. Prismlab RP400S, with patented MFP technology, is developed on the basis of long-time experience in exposure device and photosensitive chemistry. It highlights our insistence and technical strength of national brand.
      It is reported that it’s the second show for Prismlab RP400S on such international known 3D printing Expo. As known, restricted by related intellectual property rights, and excessive dependence on raw material import (resin, laser devices, etc), Chinese 3D printing enterprises cannot attend such professional 3D printing Expo. On the EuroMold held in late 2014, Prismlab RP400S, as the exclusive 3D printer for industrial application from China, raised extensive attention from the sponsor and professional visitors. 


      Prismlab China Ltd


      Tel: 021-54991851-813

      Mob: 18616332773

      E-mail: info@prismlab.com


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