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                      Partnership Establishment between Materialise and Prismlab

                      On 10:00 pm 2nd June, 2015, VP from Materialise, Mr.Johan Pauwels, came to visit Prismlab and established the partnership with Prismlab, the outstanding 3D printer manufacturer in China.
                      President of Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association, leaders of Songjiang district, Songjiang IPO, CEO of Prismlab Partner and some presses attended this conference.
                      Mr. Hou Feng and Johan Pauwels shared with each other the company profiles and showed great expectation on this cooperation.
                            “Materialise”, as Mr. Johan Pauwels explained, “think highly and quite cherish this opportunity to work with Prismlab”. He thought there will be a huge market for 3D printing industry and Prismlab will be crucial in this field sooner or later. Prismlab’s patented and self-developed 3D printer are characteristic in its high printing speed, high precision, and large printing size, which will surely remain huge market prospects, especially its customized consumable material-resin.
                             “Prismlab considers it as a great honor to cooperate with Materialise and hopes for a more extensive cooperation between Materialise and Prismlab” as said Mr. Hou Feng. This face-to-face conference will surely bring a great opportunity to both parties.

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