Date: July 2 - 5, 2015

      Place: Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

      Booth No.: PC08

      Prismlab presents two best-selling and wide used products separately in 2D PHOTO printing machine called GAEA-5603(double-sided) and 3D Object printing device called RP400S(most beautifully-designed 3D printer) which bring perfect visual experience for visitors here.
      GAEA-5603: First minilab compatible with single & double-sided paper, mounted “PANDA” branded LCD, resolution of 380×380dpi, automatic system for prints cutting, numbering, tailoring line reserved, greatly increase efficiency of the later album-making.
      RP400S: most beautifully-designed 3D printer with space capsule-like look and pretty cool lightening system, 10 times faster printing speed than normal 3D printer available, output increased while printing costs decreased.
      Hand-hold scanner: This scanner, presented by Prismlab 's partner, is perfectly combined with Prismlab RP400S. What the visitors do is just to stand still for few minutes for scanning, making the printed files, sending orders to Prismlab 3D printer, then waiting for the printouts. Required time can be viewed on the screen. 
      Througout this show, Prismlab fully presents the tremendous changes from 2D PHOTO printing to 3D OBJECT printing, not only upgrade the technologies applied into 2D printer but also develop the 10 times faster 3D printer in an extremely fast speed, which will be the highest expression of Chinese people’s spirit of striving to be stronger and being brave in exploring & innovating.


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