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                  • Prismlab Releases RP600 on Zhuhai Show

                    Prismlab “RAPID 600” 3D Printer Appeared on Zhuhai Show


                    On the TCT Show + Personalize Asia held in Shanghai on 12th March, 2015, Prismlab, as the exclusive manufacturer of 3D printer using LCD (optical device) in the world, solemnly launched Prismlab RAPID 400 based on SLA technology.


                    Soon afterwards, Prismlab team shocked the Chinese 3D printing industry again on the INSIDE 3D Printing show in Zhuhai when releasing Prismlab RAPID 600, the world largest rapid prototyping equipment based on SLA technology with Matrix exposure system. This self-developed printer with patented MFP technology delivers up to 10 times faster printing speed than most SLA systems with its high printing output of 1,500g per hour, and makes high precision & large printing dimension possible, bringing its clients with super-excellent UE.



                    Four advantages:
                    Large-scaled Matrix Exposure volume: 580*325*580mm
                    High output: 10 times faster than other SLA systems available, up to 1,500g hourly output
                    High printing precision: 100/75μm industrial building precision on 600mm height
                    Low production cost: self-manufactured materials
                    Self-developed MFP technology


                    As told by Prismlab CEO, Mr.. Hou Feng, this RP600 can be seen as a proof that Prismlab team has always committed to solve probems of low printing speed and high cost to help 3D with an earlier access to applications considering much on speed and costs, medical, statue, etc, making 3D no longer confined to R&D or high-end applications and making mass production possible. 


                    What will effectively explore a wider market for 3D printing? Prismlab finds a customized solution (3D printer and its consumables) will be an excellent choice to meet all kinds of requirements of various users.


                    We will see more possibilities in SLA technology in the future according to its industries and applications, and will see more opportunities in Prismlab in the fields of civil applications based on its outstanding superiority in speed, costs, output, etc.


                    As said by Mr. Hou, "3D printing will surely change the world sooner or later and is required to change itself before changing the world. Prismlab is devoted to promote the 3D printing revolution and contribute itself to 3D printing industry."

                    Located at Booth 6110, Prismlab makes the demostration for visitors how it works and how to acheive 10 times printing speed. Based on two decades of rich experience in its photo printing technology and photopolymer industry, this RP600 is a full reflection of determination and strength of Chinese national brand.


                    NEW CONTACT:

                    PRISMLAB CHINA LTD
                    TEL: 021-54991851-836
                    MOB: 18616332773
                    E-mail: info@prismlab.com 

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