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            • 3D Print India successfully opened, India's 3D printing market has great potential

              On June 27, 3D Print India was successfully opened at the NIMHANS Convention and Exhibition Center in India.

              G.RAGHU PRASAD, exhibitor at India International Technologies, gave a detailed introduction to Prismlab's 3D printing device (Prismlab RP400), which caused a small stir when a 3D print video was played. The device's sleek look, high-speed, high-precision, large-area exposure of the molding method was the presence of Indian industry, highly praised.

              Prismlab PR400 cool look

              Prismlab PR400 high speed, high precision, large area exposure

              3D Print India As one of the most influential 3D printing exhibitions in India, this exhibition attracted a large number of internationally renowned brands to participate, which also appeared a lot of Chinese enterprises and their products, Shanghai Pulisheng Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. R & D and production of high-speed SLA equipment is one of them.

              India's 3D printing market, compared with the global environment has its unique. India's 3D printing technology developed late, and awareness is relatively low. But with the rapid penetration of the 3D printing concept in India in recent years, India's 3D printing molding and materials market is expected to reach $ 62 million by 2022, according to market intelligence solutions firm 6Wresearch.

              "India's 3D Printer Prototyping and Materials Market (2016-2022)," the report said: "Although the Indian market is currently in the initial stage of 3D printers, but for both the manufacturing Business, local assembly companies, or distributors, the industry has enormous potential in the Indian market, 3D print prototypes or an emerging concept, in the past three years, a number of start-ups across the country in India. 3D printer prototyping services are expected to fall on the ground in areas related to education, medicine, art and architecture, but as the public's perception of 3D printing technology grows and the price of industrial-grade 3D printers falls, the trend is rapidly shifting to industrial and manufacturing Applications. "

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